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What type of life cover do you need?
Life Insurance - designed to help protect your family's lifestyle and everyday living expenses or help pay off the mortgage. Pays out a cash sum if you die or if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness (life expectancy is less than 12 months) during your chosen length of cover.

Decreasing Life Insurance - designed to protect a repayment mortgage, so the amount of cover reduces roughly in-line with the way a repayment mortgage decreases. Pays out a cash sum if you die or if you're diagnosed with a terminal illness (life expectancy is less than 12 months) during your chosen length of cover.
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Who would you like the policy to cover?
Please be aware, if you take out a joint application the policy will only pay out once the first person dies or is diagnosed with a terminal illness (or specified critical illness if critical illness cover is chosen) and meets our definition during the length of the policy.
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Please choose EITHER an amount of cover you need OR select a monthly amount to pay each month

If the policy is to protect your family, think about how much they would need to cover their lifestyle and living expenses if you were to die. If you're protecting your mortgage, consider the amount of cover you would need to repay your mortgage.

Or, if you know roughly how much you want to pay each month, please enter this amount instead. We'll then tell you the total amount of life cover you could have for that.


The amount of cover is the cash sum that could financially help your loved ones or help repay the mortgage if you were to die.


If you know how much you can afford each month (a minimum of £6), we'll work out the amount of cover you could have.

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Not sure how much you need? Use our cover calculator
What's your date of birth?
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How long you want your cover to last depends on your needs and circumstances. Think about:
• The age of any children who depend on you financially
• The time left on unprotected loan payments
• The years left until your mortgage ends
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During the last 12 months have you smoked any cigarettes, cigars, a pipe or used nicotine replacements?
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